Mixing Machines



  • Preparations up to 500 ml

  • Automatic lifting function

  • Time and stirring speed regulation

  • Preparations up to 1000 ml

  • Automatic lifting function

  • Integrated stirring programs



Stirrer motor power: 220 W

Speed dynamics: 650 – 2100 rpm

Nominal voltage: 230V, 50Hz

Protection class: IP 21

Dimensions L×W×H: 30×30×65 cm

Weight: 9.5 kg


Stirrer motor power: 550 W

Speed dynamics: (120) 250 – 2500 rpm

Nominal voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50 – 60Hz

Protection class: IP X0

Dimensions L×B×H: 35.6×22.1×64.2 cm

Weight: 16.7 kg

Fridges Fitted with Self-Closing Drawers

The jars provide an evaporation and contamination-free mixing vessel to enable a manufacturing process in an oxygen-reduced space. Afterwards, the jar can also be directly used as a vessel for dispensing. Thanks to its sliding bottom and dispenser opening, the user can extract the medication conveniently and hygienically.


  • Hygienic

  • Low-Contamination

  • User-Friendly

15/28 ml
30/42 ml
50/70 ml
100/140 ml
200/280 ml
300/390 ml
500/600 ml
1000/1250 ml

Fridges Fitted with Self-Closing Drawers


For 15 to 200 ml jars

The new, patented disposable mixing blades (DSP) now provide a trituration effect and improved mixing. The new DSP disc combines with the reusuable DSP shaft to form the DSP mixing tool. The DSP disc is removed after each manufacturing process or remains in the formulation.


For 15 to 1000 ml jars

SAMIX® standard mixing blades (SMB) have been designed especially for jars. Their form and function ensure optimum mixing. In addition, the contact surfaces between the mixing blades and inner wall create a highly effective trituration effect. The titanium nitride coating of the shafts minimizes wear and improves the removal of frictional heat.

15-30 ml
50 ml
100 ml
200 ml
15-30 ml
50 ml
100 ml
200 ml
  1. Manufactured from polyamide, particularly resistant to chemicals and abrasion.

  2. The staggered arrangement of stirring blades creates a wave motion in the material, which improves the mixing.

  3. Contact surfaces with trituration effect.

  4. The diametrical stirring blade configuration, flush with the lid or bottom surface, prevents the build-up of deposits.

300 ml
500 ml
1000 ml

Extracting agents for jars

Pump Adapter
300 ml Spindle
500 ml Spindle

Dispensing agents

Applicators for targeted application
Nozzles for reducing the dispensing opening

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